To meet the challenges of new business trend, to meet the challenges of new business technology, to meet the challenges of new business economy, you have to be more precise about quality of data and process. Today you have to adopt concept of sustainable development. You have to gain more by paying less. In different word you have to drive your business with Intelligence. For all this process you need adequate and proper database services for business development. 

database development

You can enhance accuracy, completeness and trustworthy into database by using such kind of services like Database design and implementations, Database Installation, Database Upgrade and patch upgrades, Database cross platform and, RDBMS migrations, Database monitoring, Database object and space management, Database query and memory tuning, Data Mining and Modeling, Data Migration from other database products (MS Access, Excel, MS SQL, My SQL etc), Data Warehousing, Performance Re-engineering, Upgrading & integrating existing legacy database, Developing custom interfaces for 3rd Party integrations, Web based solutions, Business Intelligent Solutions for developing dashboards, integrated reports, Custom Application using oracle forms and reports.

Main Benefits of Using Database Services

Delivers to you standardize data architecture,
Reduce cost
Provide you to easier way to access & maintain data.
If you want to integrate third party components or you wanted to plug at different components then Pentaho allows your developers to do the same. Pentaho is one of the latest technologies, which can very helpful to developing business logic & reports. It does provide magnificent benefit to end-user clients.
Database services can improve your efficiency of database. It will increase you e-commerce capabilities & also provide electronic interface to user so it is kind of enhancement of accessibility of database. SPEC India successful implemented and developed business intelligence solutions dashboards with Pentaho. Spec India has 25 years experience in delivering database services through its highly skilled developers. SPEC INDIA successfully implemented inventory management applications and also integrated order management applications. Please contact us via email for additional information and business related inquiries on