Business Intelligence is a known word etching its presence into enterprises worldwide. It is now almost mandatory for organizations to adapt to any type of BI solutions, which may vary as per requirements but has to be there. With BI becoming increasingly popular, there are various faces of BI that can be utilized, viz. Cloud BI, Self Service BI, Mobile BI and along with there are umpteen proficient BI tools and technologies to support the needs. The apt reason BI has become a need indeed is its capability to merge processes and technologies and enable extraction and transformation of any type of data into valuable information. It becomes a key driver for businesses to achieve their maximum ROI and focuses on giving organizations to get their desired output at right time in right place in right format.

What is of more significance is the access of such information to the requisite set of people within the organization. At any point of time, without any dependency on the IT infrastructure and staff, employees and management should be able to access the solution and cull out required information in desired format themselves. That is where Self Service BI pitches in. Self Service BI primarily focuses on extracting reports from the BI solutions by end users themselves, without any reliance on the IT staff.

Why and when does the need for Self Service BI arise?

Have a look at some significant factors owing to which Self Service BI is required and serves to be an ideal solution.


Prime Advantage

The primary aim of Self Service BI is the authorization of end users with the right to access information in their desired way and extract reports and dashboards as per requirement. What end users can do is use the BI solution as they require with a little bit of customization themselves. One of the major plus point is that it makes the end users independent of the IT team and gives them freedom to work on their own. Of course, there is limited scope when it comes to self service, but it is sufficient enough for users to satisfy their own needs instantly.

Key Pointers to be considered prior to implementing Self Service BI

  • The design needs to be UI friendly and simplified
  • In-depth training about the solution, privileges and right should be imparted to end users
  • System understanding and its interpretation is a must
  • There should exquisite business insight while the solution is made to avoid any kind of misconception
  • Complete security procedures and assignment of roles and responsibilities should be followed

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